Warm greetings!

Wamique, aka the Grand Old Man of AIIMS, is an unconventional success story. His journey of battling bipolar disorder for more than a decade, emerging as one of the wisest individuals around, is enriching and inspirational. The Literary Secretary of his times, he has immense knowledge of literature, cinema, history, and politics- a conversation with him usually leaves one spellbound. Often seen interacting with juniors and engaging in honest discussions, he has agreed to share his experience and insights about mental health.

Aditya, currently a resident in Paediatrics, is the cheery, ever-beaming fellow, exuding energy and warmth. The academically brilliant Delhiite loves teaching juniors during postings and otherwise. A Quora celebrity, he is a regular in literary circles, with a fierce passion for quizzing. He shall talk about his stint with mental illness, making us realize that good academic performance does not provide immunity against such illnesses (and neither does mental ill health provide immunity against academic performance and success, one can overcome it with grit and perseverance).

The session is moderated by Dr Siddharth Sarkar, Associate Professor at Department of Psychiatry, AIIMS, New Delhi, and Arshit Narang, an undergraduate at AIIMS, New Delhi, both of whom think passionately about improving mental health among students. We hope that these narratives provide some hope to those suffering alone in silence, and ease the pain and mental anguish in these troubling times.