Community Support

SWC conduct various programs that help student community to manage emotions and extend better support to each other. These includes activities like training sessions for students and inspirational talk series by eminent figures in area of medical science

  • Wellness Buddies

Wellness Buddies Program for Peer Support: Wellness Buddies is a skill based training program for both student and resident community. The Program is based on the concept of awareness building and safety net to ensure support for each student/ resident from his/ her own community members in times of distress. The training program follows a regime were students are given QPR training, followed by periodic guidance from the SWC team in handling distress among peers and community members.

  • Wellness Clubs

Wellness Clubs: SWC with the help of faculty members run a total of 10 activity clubs. These activity clubs were initiated with an idea of engagement during the 1st lockdown at the beginning of COVID-19 crisis in 2020. Since its inception the clubs have been a center of engagement and inspiration for students and residents. The clubs have also managed members sense of loneliness, stay motivated and creative with being a hub of support and interaction to look forward to by the end of the day.

Following is a list of Wellness Club

  1. Art Club
  2. Chess Club
  3. Comedy Club
  4. Cooking Club
  5. Dance Club
  6. Music Club
  7. Photography Club
  8. Quiz Club
  9. Student Mentorship Club
  10. Writer’s Club
  • Online White Coat Series

This is a series of inspirational talk sessions by eminent figures in the area of medical science.