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Choosing twin Boxing gloves was a fairly simple exercise as there have been only some choices in the marketplace nonetheless this has modified dramatically over the previous couple of years with actually hundreds of types and manufacturers to select from.

The Role of the Boxing Glove

There are two distinct kinds of Boxing glove, competitors and sparring. Neither of these gloves types are actually designed for use with baggage or pads which you need to use punching mitts Fairtex for although you could get away with using boxing gloves and wraps for both nonetheless it will scale back the lifetime of your gloves and probably harm your hands over time. Competition gloves are smaller, often weighing 10oz. Their purpose is to protect the users palms and wrists whilst fighting in addition to to afford some safety to the opponent from cuts and a proportion of the blow. Competition gloves are sometimes of the lace up selection and afford a tighter more comfortable fit for the fighter nevertheless in coaching this is much less sensible therefore lace up gloves these days being mainly confined to precise competitors.

Sparring gloves are usually between 12 and 16oz to permit extra aggressive sparring often full contact used in conjunction with headgear. As the name suggests the gloves purpose is for boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai sparring.

Price Range

Boxing gloves RRP are typically priced from £35 - £100. The common being around the £50 mark. Price does not at all times denote high quality however will usually provide you with some indication nevertheless trusted brands are often a better indication of quality.


Better quality gloves will use a hundred% cowhide leather-based for all the primary areas of the glove. Many cheaper or decrease high quality MMA gloves use both synthetic materials or a low grade leather-based or leather/synthetic mix.

The high quality of the strap/fastenings is a really essential area to concentrate to with boxing gloves as Velcro if left exposed will cause cuts and grazes to sparring companions. Make certain the Velcro is cuffed with a leather-based or artificial piping.

Palms are usually leather although some newer designs are beginning to use a "breathable" materials to protect against the gloves rotting inside equipment luggage and to allow for sooner drying after heavy training sessions. If you are shopping for in a store verify the mould of the glove if shopping for online search for a trusted & established boxing gloves model, many MMA producers are making a boxing glove to enter that market however lots of them don't have any where near the pedigree of established boxing manufacturers and the standard of their gloves isn't comparable to the quality of their attire.


There are many brands to look at but my first advice is to slim it to 1 of some. Most producers (with one or two exceptions notably Fairtex) are good at producing a sure type of kit however are not so good at other types. It's good to try and establish this as simply because a brand makes good shorts doesn't mean it's going to make good gloves as they're often made in a unique factory, usually a unique country! There are many awful low cost imports made by producers who don't know concerning the sport and just copy anything they will find. Look out for brands with some type of pedigree in boxing or muay thai. Even some good manufacturers of MMA equipment do not make good boxing gloves simply because they haven't any actual data of the sport.


If you observe the recommendation above you then should not go too far mistaken. Remember you might get an excellent pair of gloves cheap however it is uncommon a pair of low-cost boxing gloves shall be good.

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