This forum is with an aim to provide you a platform to have open and secure discussion around topics of health, well-being and stress. We are working really hard to provide you with the required support and guidance during your stay at the campus. So, kindly follow the below mentioned guidelines to keep conversations healthy and help us in this endeavor.

WHO CAN BE A PART OF THIS FORUM: Students from various undergraduate, postgraduate courses related to medicine, nursing and para-medical branches at AIIMS, New Delhi will be a part of this forum. The student will remain a part of the forum for their entire tenure at AIIMS, New Delhi and their membership will expire after 3 months of tenure completion. 


  1. PARTICIPATE: Be active on the forum by
    • Asking questions
    • Posting viewpoints
    • Reacting to content
  1. SHARE: Feel free to share your opinion and understanding around the topic of discussion. Be comfortable in providing appropriate information on topics of health, well-being and stress.
  2. FEEL SAFE & SECURE: The forum is a safe and secure space, so be open in discussion about topics of health, well-being and stress on campus or in general.
  3. BE FRIENDLY: The forum is a friendly place. So be respectful to members of the group and help them express their opinions during discussions. 
  4. KEEP IT CLEAN: While posting on the forum use decent communication protocol.


  1. Avoid the use of foul or abusive words/ photographs/links/ blogs, etc. 
  2. Use of chat and SMS lingo is not permitted on the group 
  3. Avoid asking for personal details like email id, phone number, etc. of members on the group.
  4. Respect others privacy. Don’t post personal details of others without there consent. 
  5. Kindly limit the use of emoticons while posting on the group. 
  6. Posts created in a dotty style are to be strictly avoided on the group as the same cause inconvenience to other members. 

Please do not type using excessive dots or full stops (e.g. Maintaining sleep        hygiene………… important and……………one should follow the same……………). 

  1. If your post is made up of predominantly images, emoticons and memes please ask yourself what it will add to the conversation before posting. 
  2. No personal attack on any member of the group will be entertained such as trolling or making use of derogatory/ demeaning/ discriminatory comments. Belittle members or personal attacks will be taken strictly.
  3. Avoid any content that involves elements of discrimination or glorification of activities like anti-academic stuff or promotion of drug/ alcohol use on campus as the group is all inclusive
  1. Strict no to advertising and self-promotion on the group.
  2. Don’t Campaign for votes, etc.
  3. Kindly avoid spamming (posting the same content multiple times) and back to back post on the same thread.
  1. DO NOT POST COPYRIGHT-INFRINGING MATERIAL: Make sure to provide relevant permission and reference details or the original source for information posting on the group. Make use of reputable sources and news article when posting content from external source. 
  2. Avoid discussing about politics, religion and other sensitive topics.

SENSITIVE DISCUSSIONS should be avoided on the group. Please feel free to walk into the Student Wellness Centre to discuss about sensitive and personal topics.

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation 

Admin SWC