Self Help Workshop

Online and In-person “Introductory Wellness Workshop” for students and residents:The Centre conducts mandatory workshops for students and residents on their joining to help them get comfortable and start their new journey with ease. These workshops cover a whole range of topics from lifestyle management (work-life balance, time management), mental health, suicide prevention, substance use related health and prevention of campus sexual harassment.

Skill Development Workshop: Various skill development workshops have been conducted by SWC such as stress management, grief management and communication skills. These workshops are interactive activity based sessions where participants are introduced new skills to manage everyday activities or to handle emotional distress effectively.

  1. Stress Management Workshop: The Workshop is a 2-days program that helps and introduces the participants to understand stress and is sources. It even helps them to build skills around effective distress management through sessions on areas like life style management (sleep, exercise), time management, anger management, relaxation training and mindfulness, self-compassion, self-confidence and problem solving.
  • Grief Management Workshop: Keeping in mind the current pandemic and increased mortality among general population and simultaneously listening to multiple celebrity suicide over the past 1 year. Student Wellness Centre conducted workshop to help students deal with bereavement and grief, deal with unnatural death(s), mange distress arising from suicide by public figures and death of patients.
  • Communication Skills Workshop: The workshop encompasses a wide range of topics like verbal and non-verbal communication, clinical communication and crisis management that are introduced to students in order to help them enhance their communication skills.