Yoga and Meditation Club

During the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020  when everything came to standstill it was decided to organise Yoga and Meditation Sessions for students and Residents of AIIMS. It was started with a team of 3-4 people which included faculties who were trained, Yoga and Meditation teachers and 2 Residents who have been practicing and learning Yoga and Meditation for some time.

The club began on a WhatsApp Group and conducted twice daily sessions (morning and evening) with 250 participants including both students and residents. Attendees experienced great improvement in sleep and mood which was affected by the pandemic and shift duties in COVID wards. Many even made Yoga and Meditation part of their life and daily routine and joined to leanr special techniques of breathing and meditation.

The club has also conducted 4 Breath and Meditation workshop for AIIMS staff including faculty  ‘COVID Warriors’.

Online Breath & Meditation Workshop: 4 days long workshop where participants are taught breathing and meditative techniques. Workshop is followed by self-practice and follow-up sessions every Sunday. 

The workshops were attended by 300-400 participants with many participants continuing to practice techniques on regular basis.

Online Advance Meditation Workshop: On requests 4 day intensive workshop focusing on meditative techniques to handle thoughts and emotions. Last workshop was attended by 50 participants.

Online Health through Breath Workshop for students and residents of AIIMS for Pre-COVID, COVID and Post COVID phase management.

Yoga and Meditation Sessions for students and Residents of AIIMS.